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Effective contract negotiation plays a prominent role in the procurement cycle. The lack of a comprehensive contract, as well as in-depth review of contract drafts, poses a risk to both parties.

At IPC, we provide a disciplined and methodical approach to contract negotiations backed by legal and business expertise and based on facts and industry knowledge. .

Our expert contract negotiation team will work with you to ensure the contract has a best outcome and is a win-win for all the parties involve. Our team will also assist you with contract drafting that will protect your rights and provide an equitable agreement for all parties.

Our services include

  • Drafting the contracts
  • Comprehensive review of the documents to ensure the proposal covers all relevant criteria
  • Review of the terms and conditions that involve pricing, compliance, supplier obligations and performance metrics
  • Implement appropriate measures to resolve any disputes equitably and expeditiously and find a meeting point that leaves both parties satisfied with the contract
  • Our experts will conduct a marketplace comparison in the same vertical market, to ensure fairness of the contract.