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In current competitive business environment, companies are seeking creative ways to reduce cost, assure and improve the quality of the products and services they are receiving and achieve continuous improvement in their processes. IPC works with the stakeholders to develop and implement innovative procurement and category management strategies to meet business objectives, manage risk and delivery value for money.

Our team of highly focused and specialized professionals work closely with your in-house staff and stakeholders to provide market intelligence, optimize budget, reduce spend, and implement best in class sourcing strategies. With our vast knowledge of resource base and history of developing procurement best practices and processes, IPC has helped organizations achieve millions of dollars in savings in both direct and indirect spend categories.

We manage all aspects of your purchasing requirements

  1. Supplier Identification
  2. Data consolidation
  3. Spend Analysis and reporting
  4. Preparing Bid solicitations
  5. Bid analysis
  6. Sourcing strategy recommendations
  7. Price negotiations
  8. Contract negotiations
  9. Contract closeouts
  10. Ongoing contract management

What sets us apart !

What sets us apart is continuous effort of improving and re-evaluating your purchasing activities, enabling you to keep up with the emerging market.

 We tailor our services to match your unique requirements with a focus on providing Innovative Solution, Continuous improvement, Strong supplier relationships, monetary savings and maximum value for each $ spent!